“(In 930)Larose transforms a CP train tunnel in Quebec City into a dynamic, morphing Rorschach inkblot. Symmetrical waves of light course over arpeggiated piano chords and gradually assume silhouettes. A portal—presumably the train tunnel—rapidly flashes between black and white. This gives way to a burst of light along a train track, which fluctuates like a great flame emanating out from a nearing horizon. (...) 
Through its increased granularity, his printed images take on the aesthetics of ink-on-paper, and as the image departs into abstraction, the viewer’s imagination is left to frame its fearful symmetries. A film of repeating parts, 930 is structured like a train track to return to its mysterious, blinking portal.”
-Stephen Broomer, BlackFlash Magazine


shot on s8mm/16mm b&w reversal
exhibition formats : inversible original / 16mm release print (silent) / HD
duration : 9min50sec
engineering : Ludovic Boily

welding : Jonathan Forcier, Carl Villeneuve
assistance : Serge Pelletier, Nicolas Bédard-Maltais, Philippe Larose, Jennifer Durand, Ludovic Boily
acknowledgements : Ian Noel, Jean-Claude Bustros, Solomon Nagler, Boris Lozo, Josie-Anne Lemieux
16mm release print : National Film Board of Canada, ACIC programme (director: Johanne Bergeron, administrator: Marie-Christine Guité)

technical assistance : René Daigle

distribution : CFMDC, LightCone, Collectif Jeune Cinéma

Québec, 2004-2006