La Grande Dame

studio view


shooting format : digital cinematography
engineering : Idriss Ammara

location manager : Adrian Knight (Triana Films)
place Ville Marie liaison : Marie Caron
assistance : Stéphane Calce, Olivier Godin, Paul-André Larose, Audrey Julien, Heather Reid, Andrew Lima
visual documentation : Robert Reis, Dan Popa, Andrew Lima, Charles-Étienne Pascal, Mélissa de la Fontaine, Sonya Stefan, Philippe Larose
gallery exhibition specifications : four custom-made fabric screen surfaces (suspended), four digital projectors (short-throw) with four sound speakers, synchronized sequences (13min22sec each)
funding : Canada Council for the Arts (2017)
programming : Nicolas Bédard-Maltais

3D pre-visualization : Ludovic Boily & Jonathan Champagne

fabric design : JoDee Allen

Montreal, 2014-2018/2022