This project originates as a collaboration with friend/artist Heather Reid.  The moving image content portrays a cyclist following a semi-circular path, the camera following the subject by panning from left to right in an uninterrupted take.  The trajectory is repeated multiple times and layered directly inside the camera.

During projection the captured space is re-composed into a panorama, with the cyclist perpetually moving through. Because of the instability of film mechanics -16mm projectors do not run exactly at 24 frames per second, I constantly monitor the machines -turning the projectors on and off, to maintain the integrity of the film loop.

aller/retour installed at l’École-des-Beaux-Arts

(Montreal, March 2012)

documentation excerpt


shot on 16mm color reversal
figure/co-creator : Heather Reid
gallery exhibition specifications : 4x16mm projectors on pedestals, 16mm loop (45sec), C-stands

visual documentation : Craig Rodmore (École des Beaux-Arts, Montréal), Emily Gang (Eastern Bloc, Montréal)

technical assistance : René Daigle, Jean-Louis Séguin

Montréal, 2008