Saint Bathans Repetitions

étude 19” (excerpt)

interlude” (excerpt)

“In Saint Bathans Repetitions, an old mining cottage becomes the stage for a meditation not only on movement and gesture, but on the passage between interior and exterior, entrance and exit, window and world, youth and age, separation and return. Four hand-developed film studies of this interior/exterior space are separated by one interlude that is a shimmering sepia-silver ode to the surrounding topography of dry earth, rock and mineral of the once-mined terrain.  Like other of Larose’s work, Saint Bathans Repetitions is a rumination on movement, a vision, much like some of the chronophotography of Etienne-Jules Marey, that distends and concentrates the flow of motion-in-time into a single space.  Made by meticulously shooting dozens of super-imposed sequences on the same role of film, the work suggests, on the one hand, impermanence and the transitory state of all things, and on the other, the felt traces— as inexorable if evanescent celluloid impressions—that a body’s passage always leaves behind.”
-Irina Leimbacher, Film Comment

Saint Bathans Repetitions installed at the Young Gallery

(September 2016, Wellington, New Zealand)


shot on s8mm and 16mm b&w/color reversal
figure : Jacques Larose
exhibition formats : 35mm release print (silent) 1.37 academy / 4K / HD
gallery exhibition specifications : projected HD loop on suspended translucent screen
screen design/fabrication : Kyle Janzen & Chris Burke
additional soundtracks : Motte, Mark Williams & Andy Wright
funding : Canada Council for the Arts (2015)
35mm release print and film scanning : National Film Board of Canada, ACIC programme (director: Johanne Bergeron, administrator: Marie-Christine Guité)
Auckland residency support : Auckland University of Technology
New Zealand residency logistics and on-going support : CIRCUIT Artist Film & Video Aotearoa New Zealand
acknowledgements : John Kneller, Mark Williams, Nova Paul, Miranda Bellamy, John & Pauline Bellamy, Juliet Wakefield, Lorraine Bennett, Helen Brook, Emma Chalmers
distribution : CIRCUIT, LightCone

Saint Bathans, 2015-2016