#1” (excerpt)

“(in Artifices #1), Larose’s camera immediately establishes a clockwise rotation as it aims out onto a city at night, zooming toward a distant, unclear horizon. This legible vista alternates with violent abstraction, composed in lines of light that are linked to the city view by colour and thickness, therefore recognizable as motion blurs; a smearing of light shaped by the curved surface of the lens captured by speeding the camera’s rotation.”
-Stephen Broomer, BlackFlash Magazine


Artifices #1 shot on s8mm color reversal
exhibition formats : reversal original / HD
duration : 3min17sec
engineering : Ludovic Boily

assistance : Lucia Fezzuoglio, Mateusz Uramovski, Heather Reid, Aaron Franz, Philippe Larose, Luc Saint-Pierre, Julien Sylvestre, Marianne Beauregard
16mm release print : National Film Board of Canada, ACIC programme (director: Johanne Bergeron, administrator: Marie-Christine Guité)

funding : Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec (2008)

distribution : CFMDC, LightCone

Montréal, 2007-2009